New Design System and E-commerce Experience

Client: Yubico

My role: Freelance, UX & Design Director

Platform: Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Yubico asked me to help them evaluate the user experience across its digital platforms, and ultimately to plan for and create a new design system that the UX team could use across Yubico's many digital platforms, including the apps, website and distribution and subscription services.

While I created the new design system and redesigned the ecommerce experience, the engineers transitioned from React to Svelte, which opened up some interesting opportunities for sleek animations and subtle feedback effects. I worked closely with three engineers to bring out the best from the tech stack.

As a contractor, I reported to many different teams and stakeholders since my work required a company-wide buy-in, persuasion, and approval.

The methodologies used include a heuristic analysis of the old site, product discovery, user goals, user journey, user research, SEO optimization and UX/UI design. We worked mostly in Scrum, using Jira and Confluence.