UX and Design System for global flagship store

Client: Samsøe Samsøe

My role: Director of UX & Design

Platform: Demandware

Samsøe Samsøe is an international fashion brand rooted in Scandinavian simplicity. So we wanted to create a sophisticated yet hip shopping site for its 25 go-live markets. It tells short stories through inspirational Instagram feeds: so we keep the shoppers engaged.

We were tasked to reposition, rebrand and ultimately reignite this trendy clothing retailer from the heart of Copenhagen. The imagery is hip and sensory, invoking exploration and is relatable to living the Scandinavian lifestyle. The editorialized stories are straight forward, cutting through the clutter and going more directly at a no nonsense shopping experience.

Using asymmetry, we create a dynamic and vibrant experience with the users craving and wanting more as they are intrigued by things not being your standard shopping experience. For desktop, we use a 16 column grid to really push the design as far as possible, which helps creating an off-grid / avant-garde feel. This grid is simplified as we get down to the smaller tablet and mobile sizes.

Using white space to our advantage, products and inspirational content are easily digestible, making scrolling more fun and rewarding. It’s about being matter of fact and letting the product stand on its own. With quirky animations the shopping site comes alive and feels dynamic; it creates a sense of flow and movement.

The product detail page continues the story being told by the brand. It does something that’s becoming more popular these days, by letting subsequent images unfold below rather than a pagination of multiple images in the same place. This allows the user to digest more information as they scroll, giving them a more immersive experience into the clothes, the lifestyle, and the brand. There is also an emphasis on continuing the shopping loop by either driving to a look or products that go with the item selected.

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