Digital banking - complete design, ux and brand overhaul

Agency: Fiction Real

Product Design Director: Joel Belsco

Designer: Justin Freiler

Designer: Daniel Lowe

Client Rep: Tuva Palm

Created: 2017

Nordnet is a digital bank with business in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. As the market-leading fintech company it's hosting Scandinavia's biggest platform for stock trading, and also running Shareville — the goto community for everything about equity trading.

I joined Nordnet as Director of Product Design (consultant gig) and faced several complex challenges, reaching from the creation of a Roboadvisor to a complete re-design of the digital platform for investing in shares and funds.

Although my portfolio these days mainly reflect how I design for lifestyle brands, I'm really a design agnostic with versatile design expressions/look and feels. For this complex UX challenge, I wanted to create a brand feel that reflects a disruptive fintech startup.

We created a design system using a 16 column grid with a 10 pixel vertical rhythm (for desktop) and a 5 column grid for mobile. With a sparse yet modern color palette, contrasting typography and smart use of negative space we moved the customer experience into the future.

We streamlined key interactions, conducted user research and testing to finally being able to help the user focus on the important parts/interactions of each step in the customer journey. The result is a super crisp experience that simplifies buying shares and following the markets — all while being part of an engaged community.