The odd, the daring, the wildly unique

Client: Envii

My Role: Head of UX & Design

Platform: Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The brand story goes back to Copenhagen in 1999, as an off-spring brand of Samsøe & Samsøe. With its explosive dare-to-style mentality, Envii offers affordable fashion staples for people on a budget. We created shopable Instagram feeds to make the customers feel like they are shopping in the most modern way: Social. Exploration. A journey of sorts.

Envii always has a sense of playful, sporty and casual looks. The collections are feminine with an edge, and boyish elements are used to create contrast.

What we wanted to do here was create something that has editorialized stories that really brings to life the clothes and how Envii wants them portrayed.

The homepage is really about telling the story of the brand through an unfolding narrative based on inspiring photo editorials. We put bold imagery next to large type to really let things come to life and showcase the Envii lifestyle. We use a more modern and feminine sans-serif and asymmetric layout to appeal to the younger demographic, through one bold message:

We’re citizens of the world who are inspired by diversity. We want to be fashionable yet anti-fashion, and transition from day to night, from work to play. We are the progressive, the independent, the style-aware. We are inspired by the odd, the daring and the self-expressive.

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