Supercharged UX for a legendary brand

Client: Björn Borg

My role: UX & Design Director

Platform: Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Björn Borg was in need of a contemporary design system and improved UX for the online shopping experience so they reached out to me. From a branding perspective, they also needed to change positioning from an underwear brand to a sports fashion brand. Story-telling was essential in the new product design.

During the research phase, we quickly uncovered several UX issues. HotJar was used for heatmapping customers and it was clear that the navigation was broken and needed fixing. Before launching the whole new experience, we fixed the navigation on the legacy site and improved typical e-commerce metrics significantly; from increased conversion to more items added to the bag.

The brand, known for dropping teddybears from an airplane over Belarus to send love, is committed to being a voice on social topics. Strategically, we wanted to capture this essence through micro-stories in the shopping experience — to give people a reason to love and shop the brand. With personalized product recommendations, emphasis on collabs, and social integration we made sure to make each unique visit worth the while.

The visuals of the site uses a dynamic design language, white white space drawing attention to key interaction areas. With bold copy and visceral imagery, we achieved an urban appeal fit for a young demographic.