Global Experience

Having worked in leadership roles as Product Design Director and UX Director, has earned Joel praise as a thoughtful, inspiring and insightful team lead at the intersection of technology, design and growth hacking.

To create ground-breaking solutions, Joel strips away the unnecessary and turns small teams into the greatest commodity within organizations. To go big, you need to be small. Small gives you agility, true collaboration and highlights performers.

Throughout a decade-long career, much of which was in Silicon Valley, the greatest success stories were built by small, motivated teams of high achievers. With a creative vision that’s always within reach, but where team growth is fundamental in order to get there, Joel orchestrates cross-functional teams to walk down unknown roads, hungry for new solutions.

As a multi-disciplinary designer grounded in positivity, he fosters an atmosphere of possibility and compassion. Joel helps teams turn complex UX challenges into intuitive digital experiences across web, apps and physical. And sometimes, he does everything himself. And that truly brings authenticity and credibility across departments.

From San Francisco to London to Sweden

Background Check

With a passion for design thinking, branding and storytelling, Joel helps global brands build character, connect to customers, and sell stuff. He's a visionary leader who utilizes left-brain logic and right-side artistry to craft product design for brands.

During an international career spanning over fifteen years, he’s been able to consistently maintain an incredibly diverse, user-friendly and beautiful portfolio while employed at globally acknowledged companies. Having lived in San Francisco, London, Copenhagen and Stockholm has given him a taste of the beauty of our world.

From being hands-on with world-class UX design skills to being an inspiring and collaborative mentor, he’s growing teams to award winning solutions with a user-centered approach. With one foot on the ground, the other one in the future, he mixes a rare blend of UX/UI, marketing, ecommerce, content creation and branding with disruptive technologies.

Areas of Expertise

Understanding and transforming customer needs and business needs into sensible solutions through UX research, wireframing, design, prototyping and final product delivery. A client whisperer, well-versed in business growth, strategy and writing. Huge interest in new technologies, design and the arts. Primary tools: Figma, Sketch, Adobe CC, paper, pen & post-its.

Awards & Recognitions

The FWA: Site of the day | Epica: Bronze | w3award: Best in show + 3 Golds | Davey Awards: Best in show | Awwwards | European Excellence Awards: Gold | Swedish Design Award: Gold.

On A Personal Note

As a skier, snowboarder, explorer and basketball player, Joel is struck by a healthy case of wanderlust, a questionable doze of madness, and an insatiable appetite for information — just what you need in order to shake things up and make sense out of chaos.