Global Experience

Having worked in leadership roles as Product Design Director and UX Director, has earned me praise as a thoughtful, inspiring and insightful design leader at the intersection of technology, design and brand.

To create ground-breaking solutions, I strip away the unnecessary. Simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve, and I'm great at it. It even involves my methodology to turn small teams into the greatest commodity within organizations. To go big, you need to be small. Small gives you agility, true collaboration and highlights performers.

Throughout a decade-long career, much of which was in Silicon Valley, my greatest success stories were built by small, motivated teams of high achievers. With a creative vision that’s always within reach, but where team growth is fundamental in order to get there, I orchestrate cross-functional teams to walk down unknown roads, hungry for new solutions.

As a multi-disciplinary designer grounded in positivity, I seek to foster an atmosphere of possibility and compassion. With an approach that almost everyone should be autonomous, individual contributors, I too remain a hands-on design leader. This helps bring authenticity and credibility across departments.